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“We believe that education can and will change lives and we are committed to making sure that social, financial and generational disadvantages do not stand in the way of our students truly being able to fulfill their educational dreams and aspirations.”

          In May of 2016, Erica Pratcher and Sheree Davis hosted a graduation party to celebrate their educational endeavors at the time. As part of their party’s programming, the two presented a $1,500 scholarship award to a graduating senior from East St. Louis Senior High School. The award was comprised of donations made by their family and friends.

          Erica and Sheree were so astounded by the support that they had received and were thrilled about contributing to something that had completely changed their lives, education. From that point on, they knew they wanted and needed to reach and assist more students. So they decided to commit to providing a scholarship to a senior from East St. Louis Senior High School every year. Thus, The Pratcher-Davis Foundation and the Pratcher-Davis Scholarship was born.

          Erica and Sheree are both graduates of Clark Middle School and East St. Louis Senior High School in East St. Louis, IL. They are both the first in their families to graduate from college and have both been able to obtain additional degrees and licenses after earning their Bachelor degrees. It was by no means easy, but because of the resources they were able to utilize, the people who assisted in their journeys, and the grace of God, these young ladies have been able to exceed expectations and truly thrive in their academic endeavors. Now, they want to make sure that every student in their community receives that same opportunity.

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